Produits anti-moustiques

Treat :
Home and Garden

To stay safe in your home, patio, balcony, garden...

It is necessary to remove and eradicate mosquitoes and other insects. But also treat and eliminate nesting sites and breeding sites.

MoustiCare® Anti-larvaes & mosquito

The first product to clear of mosquitoes for the privately consumer! To treat garden, balcony…effective against the mosquito Tiger

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MoustiCare® 5 Liters anti-Larvae & Mosquitoes

The best solution for controlling adult mosquitoes, mosquito larvae and flies. Safe for other inhabitants of the larval habitat.

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MoustiCare® Candle Anti-Mosquitoes

Contains a powerful active of plant origin, which repels the mosquitoes, while diffusing a sweet scent of summer emitted by the essential oil of Lemongrass. Significant effectiveness against the flies.

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MoustiCare® Diffuser Anti-Mosquito

The MoustiCare® diffuser assure you 1 month of peace, while diffusing a soft summer fragrance with essential oils of Eucalyptus citriodora.

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MoustiCare® Diffuser Refill

Recharge your Diffuser Anti-Mosquitoes while diffusing a sweet scent of summer emitted by the essential oil of Eucalyptus Citriodora. A powerful active ingredient of origin 100% vegetable with proven effectiveness.

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MoustiCare® Rattan Rods for Diffuser

Refill your diffuser with MoustiCare® rattan rods to repel the insects. An ecological and economic action!

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MoustiCare® Spray Habitat

The effect “gate” anti-insects! MoustiCare® Spray Habitat is a repellent and insecticide ready to use. Effective against the mosquito Tiger

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Utiliser les biocides avec précaution. Lire l'étiquette et les instructions d'emploi.