Produits anti-moustiques

MoustiCare® is a complete range of natural repellents for the whole of family.

Suitable for infants from 6 months * and pregnants woman.

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Attention : un cas importé de dengue déclaré à Amb

Attention : un cas importé de dengue déclaré à Amb
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*« In the area risk of serious illness vector-borne transmission » (recommendation of the Society of Travel Medicine and the French Society of Parasitology).

Against mosquitoes,
there is a natural alternative !

MoustiCare® is a range of repellents exclusively formulated with purified extracts from Eucalyptus Citriodora (PMDRBO) and Cymbopogon (Geraniol). Without chemical subtance, no DEET, no Icaridine without IR3535 and alcohol.

The actifs innovative of MoustiCare® are referenced on the European list of biocidal. These are the only natural repellent referenced and recommended by the Society of Travel Medicine, the French Society of Parasitology and the National Institute for Public Health Surveillance.
A lot of scientifics studies validate their effectiveness on a wide variety of mosquitoes vectors of tropical diseases (Chikungunya, Dengue, Malaria, Yellow Fever, West Nile ...) and other biting insects (horseflies, chiggers, fleas, ticks ...).

Trip to the tropic, camping, summer camp, gardening, sports… Products anti-mosquitoes MoustiCare® protect you: Spray anti-mosquitoes for infested areas and temperated areas, Family Spray anti-mosquitoes, Wipe anti-mosquitoes, Bracelet anti-mosquitoes, Housing Spray and Concentrated of anti-larvaes of mosquitoes (use for outside to clear of mosquitoes gardens, fences, decks, balconies).

MoustiCare® is available in pharmacy and drugstore and in health food stores.

Utiliser les biocides avec précaution. Lire l'étiquette et les instructions d'emploi.